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The stage rental they offer, be it on outdoor or concert purposes are offered at the most affordable price perfect for your budget. There are many options provided at the standard decking of Atlanta. You can choose from the stages with customizable width, length, height, lighting, stair placement, stair count, risers, skirting, carpet, multilevel decks, rails, runway and catwalk , beach sand or underground installation. Atlanta Stage and Audio is providing different sizes specially designed for great performances, parties and concerts. If you are looking for bigger stage that can be used for large event like concert, they are offering concert stage rental. They are also offering small stage rental and outdoor stage rental which are built with infinite effect, design and size.






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The staging rental they offer goes along with staging elements like turntables, round stages, custom staging, choir risers, grated , plex stages and more just for the benefit of your show. A.S.A ensures every customer that they will be provided with satisfying services which will surely make the show truly spectacular through choosing the right size of stage for your show and designing the stage. Atlanta is also providing roofing system as part of the rentals they offer.

If you are planning to get the concert stage rental or outdoor stage rental they offer, A.S.A is providing you with complete roofing and staging package. They are equipped with non-bearing and bearing concert roofs through utilizing tie-downs and towers. For the staging rental, you will also be provided with varieties of staging designs that will make special events remarkable. The staging system they offer is made portable, attractive and easy to set up. The technicians of A.S.A will also help you during the set-up of the stage you rent. They always act professionally and they are also efficient when it comes to organizing the Concert Productions.

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