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Event lighting rental atlanta – audio & sound

 Event Lighting Rental Atlanta

event lighting rental atlantaAtlanta Stage and Audio provides beautiful event lighting rental atlanta designs for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, & other special events. Our lighting designers use’s a combination of fixtures to transform any room to a more breathtaking atmosphere. Up lighting, as well as Dance & Ceiling Lighting to create truly stunning, layered lighting designs.

We are located in Atlanta GA. and can conveniently provide lighting design services anywhere and in most locations throughout the Southeast.

We have built our company using the finest technology available including LED Up light from Color Maker and Color Key. Simply put, the Color Maker fixtures allow us to create designs that honestly just look better.

Here are some of the benefits our fixtures offer:

More Vibrant, Brilliant Colors – Our fixtures use higher quality components than most found with other rental companies. Because of that we offer deeper hues & more vibrant color schemes. Both result in a lighting design that’s simply breathtaking.


We offer event rental Atlanta, specializing in:

* houses of worship

* wedding receptions

* community events

* stage shows

Colorful beams of light shine up or down onto walls, columns or spotlighted onto any specific area.

This will bring a beautiful and stimulating effect to your special event lighting rental Atlanta

An array of colors to blend in with your color scheme or the desired color feel you are looking to achieve.

Color wash up lighting is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching ways to economically enhance an entire room.

If you are planning to get the concert stage rental or outdoor stage rental they offer, A.S.A is providing you with complete roofing and staging package. They are equipped with non-bearing and bearing concert roofs through utilizing tie-downs and towers. For the stage rental, you will also be provided with varieties of stage designs that will make special events remarkable. The staging system they offer is made portable, attractive and easy to set up.

The technicians of Atlanta Stage and Audio will also help you during the set-up of the stage you rent.

They always act professionally and they are also efficient when it comes to organizing the stage.

The search for affordable stage rental can be provided to you by the only reliable company in Atlanta, the Atlanta Stag and Audio. This company specializes more on sounds, light systems (stage and concert lighting) and more. A.S.A is equipped with high quality equipment and tools that will be very useful in the design and arrangements of your stage.

They are offering fair services to small stage rental, outdoor stage rental and for concert stage rental. Through the assistance and good service they offer, you are rest assured that the event will flow smoothly. The stages are safe, durable, and strong and can meet the needs of the customers as well as the audience.

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